Sunday, April 23, 2006

jason, the cat, is out of control. fyi.

carissa and i are exercising together in place of the driving that i used to do. for some reason, perhaps my nutrition class, i am starting to care about what i put in my body. it's probably a good change: i feel better and i'm not as tired all the time.

i took the cbest on saturday- piece of cake. well, hopefully. sometimes when i feel like i know the answers, the scores mysteriously read something different. odd how that happens.

on saturday night it hit me how grateful i was for making the choice to come to westmont. i put in a little letter with my graduation announcement that was a snapshot of the past four years (urban, ra, florence). one of my friends said to me, "i want to put in a letter like yours, but i didn't do anything in college besides my major." i know that isn't everyone's experience, but i'm not sure that if i went to another school that i would have gone off campus twice or been an ra, plus everything in between.

opportunities for september:
san francisco
santa barbara
san diego
costa mesa

grad school? event coordinating? personal assistant? urban house? yss?

layne wilson's birthday is on the 29th. party!

the family comes up in two weeks for graduation. i am real excited.

good song: "flying high" by jem

good quotes:
"vengeance is a lazy form of grief."
"words and compassion are the only way, even if it’s slower than a gun."
–nicole kidman in the interpreter

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

visalia etc.

it was practically a high school reunion; i saw people i hadn't seen in 4 years. real weird.

daniel and autumn are so adorable. late sunday night they were playing the piano together and singing scales...they have written about 20 songs together in the past 2 months....lovely!

they asked me if money wasn't a factor and i could do whatever i wanted, what would i do? then they asked what life would look like if everyone followed their hearts? i would start a magazine. and i'm not quite sure what life would look like.

two long awaited moments collided in my life on saturday night- something i wanted 6 years ago and something i haven't done in 5. fun.

i live in santa barbara now, yah! i am shane and anna's test for a week and a half. they have two cats, jason and karen. who names their cats people names? anyway, jason woke me up this morning because he wanted attention. damn you.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


-i can eat an apple in 2 bites. (small apple, big bites)
-the colour concert on thursday night.
-the tax job ends on thursday. (hell yeah)
-i'm going to visalia for easter weekend.
-i'm going to see an old friend, erin, while in visalia.
-erin has a baby named aiden... he's 1 month old.
-i move in with anna chase the last weekend of april. (so happy)
-i bought an orchid plant, its name is dragon.
-i watched broke back mountain. crash is better. by far.
-i missed my mom's call from israel cause i had npr turned up too loud.
-i'm turning in my grad school application at the end of the month. woohoo!
-i miss marcy, kara, and steph. (roommates in florence)
-the song "the fear you won't fall" by joshua radin is worth your time.