Tuesday, February 14, 2012

tonight at the restaurant.

we'll seat a lot of people, one hundred percent couples. i'll make up a little story for most everyone who walks through the door... it'll include something about their first kiss and how they met: in the rain, at a party, on her bed... friends from college, colleagues at work, at a bar, blind date... it will all be a little bit romantic. which is strange because i'm not very romantic.

this has been a year (all fortytwo days of it) of raising expectations back up to where they belong. recreating memories and believing in outcomes. risk taking and showing up for exactly who i am- all of me- because i've got nothing to lose.

and despite how i felt last week (and the previous twentysevenish years), this is a year of celebrating the small things, including valentine's day.

growing up, i guess.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

my friend lisa taught me a bit about poetry tonight.

not so much about poetry itself, but more about why she writes poetry and how it makes her feel. i was able to connect with the misunderstanding of topics that she imagines and clarity she can bring to them.

spending time with lisa is so worth my time; we share stories from our own books, closing old chapters and opening new ones, providing details that you only share with a trusted person who walks the lines of inner circle and long-distance friend.

being with lisa as she gets excited is as good as it gets... she's on the list of least dramatic women i know, so you know her facial expressions are authentic. i'm looking forward to her excitement when i prove to her that poetry- her poetry- is something people should care about.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

recipe for singing in public for the first time.

two glasses of wine.
in a room full of people who love you.
with your best friend introducing you.
singing with one of the most encouraging people.

goal two of three complete. unfortunately,
you can't help me with the third.
this one's on me.