Sunday, October 23, 2011

my favorite modern art in all of san francisco.

located in the presidio, i stumbled upon these pieces about six months ago while on a run. after the race last sunday i made my way back to these ginormous letters, only to feel as if they were written for me. it's a peculiar place- quiet and camouflaged, stunning and impactful.

there are three total- they read:
adapt to change
resolve conflict with song
nest from the inside out

read more about the artist and installation here.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

i got there this morning and unexpectedly cried.

ever since my marathon, i've decided that if i'm able, i'd like to support- by running alongside for some of the miles- as many of my friends who are running in races. shelby ran the nike women's half marathon this morning and as i rolled out of bed and showed up on the course, that silly little clementine showed up in my throat and tears started to fall from my eyes. i'm trying to work out in this post what was going on for me: maybe it's because it's been ten weeks since i ran the san francisco marathon and i was overwhelmed by the over twentytwo thousand runners coming toward me- the ones who had put in extensive hours training for the day that had finally arrived? maybe because i knew the training these people put in? maybe because this race was benefiting team in training and i saw so many "honorees" running by (runners who have or have had cancer)? maybe because i thought of how meaningful it was for me when nineteen of you showed up on the course? or maybe, just maybe, it's because the last seven months of pain and joy replayed in my mind and the process of training and running a marathon as a redemptive process was more present than ever before?

i started to fight the tears as i waited for shelby and then i just let go. my eyes filled up and i stood there completely overwhelmed by the runners and my own experience.

marathon running is a spiritual experience that moves me beyond my control. i can't wait to go back.

Friday, October 14, 2011

leanne and dave made a few vows.

and we got dressed up and played in the photo booth. it was a great night, as evidenced by some of us having bruised ribs from dancing so long.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

underrated people: ashley.

more and more i've walked into moments of my life where i stop to think, "damn. i am surrounded by some pretty astounding people." sometimes it goes as far as the infamous friend crush being born. and sometimes i just pause to think about that person for a good twelve seconds, catching myself distracted by their depth or their beauty or their skills. and then i get a little bit jealous for you because you don't [get to] know them. so i spent some time thinking about how you could share in my joy- the simplicity of who they are- some of the most underrated people in my world. i've decided to introduce them to you, one by one, to sharpen my attempts of describing someone in words, as well as showcase them in all their radness.

she's somewhere before thirty and constantly working on being the best version of herself. she is, hands down, the hardest working person in the room; she rarely stops, only to sip a glass of the latest bragg's beverage. i've never met a more even-keeled woman; she is consistent and kind and gentle and patient. her resilience inspires me to get better at whatever i'm working on. she is ashley.

Monday, October 10, 2011

life is better with.

mister seahorse, the children's book by eric carle.
deciccio broccoli.
dancing so much you believe you pulled a stomach muscle.
delfina dinners at the counter.
leanne all dressed up in a long ivory dress.
roasted pear and celery soup.
modern family one-liners.
a really good french toast recipe.
four mile loops without my garmin.
seveneleven gift cards.
reassuring aunts.
sometimes purple, sometimes grey nail polish.
guayaki yerba mate.
unexpected bottles of wine after working until tenthirty.
nephews who chase wind tunnels.
free flights.

Friday, October 7, 2011

proud cousin.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

let this be the one.

some of my favorite people in the world are venturing/have ventured into the land of fost/adopting children. having worked in this field for the past two and a half years and seeing my friends make these choices- to consciously enter into the system, not to rescue, but to love- makes me a little bit more confident in this world, the one where i hear about five year olds being shot in their neighborhood and famines in africa. i'm overwhelmed as i think about the jordans and quinlans- if anyone has the strength to travel on this journey, it's them.

this weekend we celebrated the arrival of m.j.; the food and decor went off without a hitch. i'd say it was a success as we heard some male attendees say, "if this is what baby showers are like, i'm not going to miss another one!" wishes and hopes were created for m.j.: "i hope you grow taller than your dad." "i wish you have passion to write like your mom." "i hope the jordans are your forever family." i drove away from the little city north of los angeles with a full heart; confident in the jordans as parents, their community of friends and family, and that m.j. will be unconditionally loved.

lucky for me, anna q. and i had some rich discussions about many things, but particularly the process of fost/adopting... we talked about the idea of fostering becoming cool, trendy, etc. and when i write these words i can hear her voice- with much conviction- "if ever there's a trend to be a part of, let this be the one." i get a little bit teary when i think about this... in my life, today- on october fifth, there isn't anything i agree with more. regardless of whether the jordans and quinlans are doing this because it's cool (they're not), i surely hope that fost/adopting is the next trend like eating organic, wearing leggings, drinking pbr, etc. because, really, how different could this world look if that were the case?