Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012


hearing dr. michael riera speak at the challenge success conference earlier this month has me thinking about integrity more. he discussed the rise of cheating within schools, sports, etc., which he attributed to a general lack of integrity being emphasized in communities, schools and more importantly, homes.

integrity, as defined by education.com, is treating others fairly, controlling oneself amid promises of pleasure and threats of pain or loss, and the habit of gathering evidence conscientiously and not using deception to manipulate for ulterior purposes. you can read riera's book if you're interested in teaching and increasing integrity in kids. but what about adults?

the thought of adult integrity led me to think about my disappointment with the recent presidential/vp debates. i've watched all three uncomfortably and i've questioned, "is that true?" and thoughts of "that needs to be fact checked" occur throughout the entire hour and a half.

isn't that terrible? that the two men running for president of the united states have to exaggerate, bend the truth and straight up lie in order to convince people to vote for them? on a national stage no less.

one could argue that integrity is an oxymoron for politician. sure, nixon (watergate) and clinton (monica and lying about monica) are perfect examples. but does this mean it should be tolerated? absolutely not. in the aforementioned examples impeachment and resignation were part of the consequences, not to mention they will embarrassingly take up space in our history books forever. i get it- politicians aren't known for being honest. but if we're going to continue to accept this as reality, then we shouldn't for one second be surprised when a hundred and twentyfive students from harvard are caught cheating or lance (and his teammates and the majority of the tour) cheated all along. and hell, let's expand to infidelity and include tiger, kobe, and john edwards, just for kicks.

if i'm willing to vote and elect a president who lies to win, i've got to lower my expectations for kids and their ability to learn and practice the tenets of integrity. read that last sentence again. it's an absolutely terrible and distressing idea. but i guess naming it here helps me not to be surprised when the next cheating scandal hits.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

i've never gone this long without writing in this space.

my life is filled with things like new bangs and jobs and cars and boys and travels and and and totally unexpected fun. i am in the biggest change season of my life (to date) and it is awesome.

my birthday came and went and i have to tell you- i've never had a better birthday. i felt cared for and known and loved and supported in the most beautiful ways; from vitamixes and heirloom dinners to camping and camino and bi-rite ice cream pie. but those are all just things… it was the sunset saying goodbye to twentyseven and the trail run the following morning where i reflected on the people i'm surround by: my good good family and friends. i was overwhelmed with gratitude for incredible human relationships.

but i guess that's all i'm able to write tonight. the truth is i'm here, alive, pressing into my new job, studying, politicking, running, being in the most redemptive relationship and continuing in my personal growth as i get to create who i want to be, in God's image. i feel the most strength and support i've ever known. this is good, this is real good.