Wednesday, February 28, 2007

so long, february.

it was a month filled with: tax returns. a leaving student. church. live music. cooking breakfast. gyming it with renee. smoothies. enjoying emma on tuesdays. mm & lo. netflix. greys.

some new things going on: darker hair. having trouble sleeping. a little anxiety: work. increasingly giddy. don't know how to do some of this. trying not to analyze.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

big fish.

most people have hobbies. i have quite a few that i'm just okay at, but it doesn't stop me cause i really enjoy them (ie: photography). and then there are people like my brother, carter. he is a kick ass fisherman... i've been bugging him for the last few years to take me out on one of his trips... one day soon. here is a photo from his latest adventure (he is on the left; i'm not related to the olive skinned tilted head guy). that is a 128 pound yellowfin tuna. YUM, sushi! can someone get me some of those sweet boots... they would look hot with my work clothes.

-today i blow dried my feet. it's been pretty cold outside.
-upcoming: new amsterdams concert, yes!
-paste has been worth every penny- love it.
-taking the students to see amazing grace tomorrow.
-netflixed: thank you for smoking, one and three quarters thumbs up.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


meeting: kortney, from church, for coffee next week.
students: just came back from 4-day, missed them.
netflix: junebug, couldn't get past 25 minutes. sending it back.
listening to: jon mclaughlin
reading: not for sale
taxes: arriving soon. party in my wallet.
coming soon: michele, yah!
weddings: 2 in may, 1 in july- so far.
aunt news: two nephews arriving this summer.
planning: a trip to santa barbara, april?
thursday: volunteering begins, 6 weeks late.
thinking: why do i contribute to someones story just so i can relate?
enjoying: the callouses on my feet, there to protect, right?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

post 100. wow.

meet heather: she has bought 9 marc jacobs bags from me since november. that is more than $9,000. she is part of the reason i got the designer specialist position.

meet steve: yes, christmas tree boy texted me today. "i deleted your number on purpose," i thought. he wants to hang out when he comes to town. we'll see...

meet forgetful emily: i just realized that i missed jeff given's birthday. dangit!

meet john: the nice guy who sat next to me at church and reached out to me, knowing that i was new and by myself. he then invited me to a 20-somethings small group that i will attend in 2 weeks. thanks, john!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

and then there were ten?

we had a student leave this past weekend. she wasn't having luck finding an internship and was feeling super uncomfortable in the city. the students who are still in the house responded with "this is why we shouldn't allow freshmen on the program- they just can't handle it." i might be in agreement with them.

i started getting netflix. so far i've watched transamerica (two thumbs up), shopgirl (one up, one down), world trade center (one up, one down), and the devil wears prada (one up, one down). i'm way into it... a movie a week for roughly two dollars. love it.

have you ever argued with someone who turns it around to make it about you? for example, if i were to say "i don't like the way you drive my car" and the other person's response is "well, i don't like the way you drive my car!" that is quite possibly one of the most annoying things i've ever dealt with. make him stop!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

a friend of the urban program, dave batstone came and spoke today. his new book called not for sale will be released tuesday. it is about human trafficking. you can also go to for more information. or you can see the movie "amazing grace" on feb 23. all of these forms of media are tied together for the same cause. dave is speaking at westmont on wednesday- wish i could be there.

i realize that this isn't a really compelling post that is making you want to go out and pre-order the book and buy your movie tickets early. oh well. just do it. (but don't buy nikes cause they use slave labor = human trafficking)

ps. since when does the westmont magazine publish letters to the editor? that's a new low. wow, those people might want to re-read the article they are responding to (it's here:
action=sojomail.display&issue=060426); clearly they missed the point.

side note: fake flowers are never okay; not in your house, not in my house. damn, especially not my house! get them out.