Thursday, December 28, 2006


i'm not scared to be in my own house anymore! it's great news. it's fabulous.

christmas was super fun. my quick trip to san diego combined with my time at my mom's was relaxing. side note: don't get into a debate about the death penalty with your brother. [circular argument]

kristy, sarah and julie are coming. my grandparents are in town.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


i have a new cell phone because mine fell out of my pocket on the bus and some very mean person is pushing reject every time i call. so, i have a new sim card... meaning i don't have anyone's numbers. please email me at your number. thanx.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

birthday party.

friday was trent's 24th birthday so dan, trent and i went grocery shopping and then made dinner. dan picked up dillon when he was off of work and then we ate a fabulous meal of lori's salad, spinach and ricotta chicken and stuffed mushrooms. as a surprise to trent, dan picked up a cake from this amazing bakery, tartine. it was one of the best chocolate cakes i've ever tasted (and i don't like cake that much).

what i'm listening to: paolo nutini-- his cd isn't released in the states yet, but you can get his ep on itunes.

what i'm reading: right now i only start books, and don't end up finishing them. today i will start the four loves/lewis.

what i'm watching: survivor (reality tv shows are my dirty little secret). go ozzy.

sad that the students are gone. it's lonely here. come visit!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

my arm hurts.

my left arm, actually. because i am right handed. today i received a shot. that is why my arm hurts. i'm really into short. choppy. sentences. right now.

the shot i received is a vaccine that protects against viruses linked to half of all cervical cancers. my doctor said that i'm a prime candidate, so i said, what the heck! why not? and that is why my arm hurts.

when you have students do a survey of your performance, you definitely have to prepare for it. i sometimes forget to prepare. like this time. i'm okay, but sometimes certain things sting more than others. one thing i thought was funny was 2 people wrote "you have favorites." after reading that, i thought, yep. i do. you pursue me and chances are you'll be my favorite, too. i probably should be more cautious of this. there's always next semester...

i must apologize: i have probably lied to you. i am not 5'2". i am 5'2" and 3/4 an inch, which i think is license to say i am 5'3"!party!

by the way, michele mollkoy rocks.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

rear view mirrors

have you ever looked at a car straight on and noticed the rear view mirror? if it's within the last 10-15 years, the rear view mirror is stuck on the front window. i am so impressed with the way it stays on, with out falling! (i'm a dork.)

learning new things in this city, meeting new people. fun!

going to the dog park and hanging out with emma (babysitting a 20 month kiddo) is the highlight of my week. i freaking love the dog park. and emma does, too. my favorite dog there is lu lu, the bernese mountain dog. also, this week i met teka, a poodle that doesn't have that wacked out hair cut.

getting ready to celebrate christmas with the parents, brothers and wives next next weekend. san diego for 36 hours.

all the students leave in three days. super sad.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

let's be honest here...

...not that i ever lie on this thing, but sometimes i just use that phrase... so here we go, honesty at its best: do not say you're going to call if you aren't going to call. bottom line. i hate boys who do that.

working retail is not good for the soul. no more purchases for me until my cc is paid off.

please send me your christmas/holiday cards. it is always fun to receive the updated photo of the fam. 301 lyon.

this semester at the house is coming to a close; i really am quite sad. it will be nice to have a break, but so weird to come back to an empty house after a long day of work. i will literally lock myself in my room and wait for morning to go downstairs. it's not that i'm scared of the dark, but 4 stories and 15 bedrooms can make creepy noises.
visitors welcome!

what i'm reading: god's politics (wallis), the alchemist (coelho), fears of your life (loggins)*

what i'm listening to: if songs could be held (rosie thomas), continuum (john mayer), the freaking nordstrom christmas album that plays non-stop (various obnoxious artists)

what i'm watching: not much, since i don't have tv. but, i do manage to spend 43 minutes a week watching my downloaded episode of grey's anatomy. can't get enough of derek and meredith.

*fears of your life is brilliant. written by an artist with a developmental disability, loggins writes: "98. people are fearful of me which i wonder is they think that i'm all that terrible or i'm thinking that they think i'm not human at all because when they sit next to me than they get back up and move away from me i maybe a stranger but that doesn't make me a created monster or something like that. people aren't humans they act like ignorance dogs with their tail in back of their legs or in between their middle bodies their legs. they don't think who's feelings they hurt at all they just do it no consideration for whatever." i have so much to learn from loggins.

starting in january, i will be volunteering at gotta love dorothy day. "eating is a right, not a privilege. feeding the hungry is a matter of justice, not of charity."