Wednesday, July 25, 2012

my prayers lately.

i've learned recently that i have a bit of a sweet tooth when i'm sad. i've heard some people call this emotional eating. regardless of what it is, fresh made rice krispy treats are my weakness. hot cookie, molly stones- whoever is selling them- i am there. giving them my money like they're the newest charles schwab branch.

recently i've been whispering this prayer to myself: Lord, guide my decisions and bring me peace. and now that some decisions have been made, i'm asking God to help me stop eating rice krispy treats.

last night, while eating a rice krispy treat, i tried to make an angel food cake, except my bundt pan was too small and my batter was too big and now there is burnt marshmallow all over my oven. i guess this is indicative of how i feel: like a hot mess, all spread out, feelings too big for a heart this small.

and this is what i hope to remember in this moment: that as i feel these very real feelings and sit in this heavy sadness, i can continue to give and love and experience joy throughout the pain of transition.