Sunday, January 28, 2007

weekend in pasadena.

this weekend i flew down to pasadena, rented a car (don't do this if you are under 25 = expensive!!), and helped jenn yerkey become jenn kliewer. so stinkin' fun. at the wedding, i got to spend a little bit of time with marie bourns, so good to see her. the gum we are chewing came from the center pieces; jenn loves candy so jars full of all the good stuff made up the center of the table- i love it. one of the best parts of the wedding: when jenn and jeff (in their vows) promised to love the others' family as their own. another good part: going to downtown pasadena and taking photos in the middle of the intersection and at their favorite ice cream shop.

some of you know that i "do" weddings for friends or friends of friends. this is what i learned from working with these vendors who will remain nameless:
-do not ever be an old cranky woman who thinks she knows what she's doing as the church wedding coordinator. you don't know what you are doing helen, just cue the damn organist.
-never wear anything but black and more black if you are the coordinator, photographer, videographer, etc... i don't care what the wedding colors are, only black! everything else is just tacky.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

regarding death.

"i don't know how to exist in a world where my dad doesn't" -george

"yeah that never really changes" -cristina

an unfortunate truth.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the devil's work, for real.

i just got "promoted" at nordstrom. i am now the designer specialist for handbags and i'm committed for six months, at least. thoughts: thanks for recognizing my hard work. feelings: overwhelmed. don't want to fail.

lots of live music in sf coming up... i am trying to get tix to see james taylor. also, paolo nutini is coming, and brett dennen and ron sexsmith.

what i'm reading: romans 12 and 13
what i'm watching: greys, american idol (guilty pleasure)
what i'm listening to: kate taylor

Sunday, January 7, 2007

they're here!

well, most of them. so far 6 out of the 11 students are here. three should be here within the hour, one is coming late tonight and the last is coming next week. so weird to have a new group, yet so refreshing. with a small group, there is so much room for deeper relationship across the board. i'm excited especially because brad (my co-worker) reminded me that no semester is ever the same- what didn't work for the last group might really work well this time. room to grow, change, try new things... i'm thrilled.

last last thurs-fri-sat

here is a picture of me, julie and sarah from when they were here (thanks kristy for taking the picture). we had so much fun exploring the lyon street steps, going to cha cha cha, shopping, going to my family bbq, and of course squat and gobble. love it.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

two things i noticed on the bus today.

1. does anyone know why the wall street journal has a period at the end of it? it reads:"the wall street journal." on the front page. hmmm? not so much a sentence. perhaps it is for the same reason i put a period at the end of my titles on these posts?
2. recently i've been looking at peoples' shoes closely... i try to memorize them. i quiz myself on the bus as i sit down in the back and look at the pointy black pumps, the square toed mens ankle boot, the dirty converse, the brown clogs, the patent knee high boots, etc etc. it usually takes me two looks to know the 8 pairs around me. kind of weird, i know.

Monday, January 1, 2007

welcome to 2007.

this is what has happened in 2006:
living at my dad's. daniel and autumn's wedding. working the tax job. graduating from college. no more chemo for my dad. doing orientation w/ mm. adam and jenn's wedding. my great uncle's suicide. andrew and diana's wedding. officially paying all of my bills on my own. summer cook-offs. easter with andy. psychotic break/extreme bi-polar. carter and courtney got engaged. living with lori. wedding planning. visiting the armours in portland. the christmas tree guy. glen's dad's suicide. driving back to ca with brett. applying to grad school. kp and st coming to visit. living with janelle and anna. living with anna. kiah and anna's wedding. moving to san francisco. working at nordstrom. two prego sister-in-laws.

this is what i have to look forward to in 2007:
being an aunt (twice!) aunty-em (love it.) my mom's 50th. carter and courtney's wedding. vegas trip in august

this is what i will do this year:
finish books, not just start them. pay off 1/6 of my school loans. volunteer consistently. find a church.